The word "brand" is used here differently than you may have known it before. A brand is every touch point to the audience. A brand is not defined simply as marketing and image management. If you own or run a business, institution, or organization -- large or small, for-profit or not-for-profit, you should be concerned about who controls your brand experience. It takes a broad, enterprise-wide view for a brand to thrive. Some of the most accomplished brands reach, sustain and advance their greatness through means other than advertising and promotion. If your brand lacks distinction, feels vulnerable or lifeless - examine what is truly influencing it.

Having a well-known brand is not the same as having a thriving brand.

Who is your firm’s chief brand champion? We're not talking about a title here. We're referring to the responsibility for seeing that every touch point, process and habit of your company and its team reinforces the brand experience you intend. Brands that stand for something, stands apart, and can stand the test of time are . . . Brands That Stand®.

Branding is every component that contributes to your stakeholder experiences.

Brand responsibility should not be assigned exclusively to the marketing department, or placed in the hands of outside resources. It is the responsibility of every person in your organization to represent the brand through their consistent behaviors and habits. If that isn't the case, they are diluting or unintentionally sabotaging your brand, which should prompt you to ask . . . 

How do you address a dead brand walking?

The first rule of a powerful brand is to create marketplace disruption. A number of factors can contribute to creating a disruptive force, but by definition, "Me, too!" is not one of them. In’s & Out’s/Brands That Stand helps clients define and grow powerful, wildly distinctive brands. We help clients align all the components of their business to support their success by helping to identify and create better stakeholder experiences.

If you're seeking exponential improvement, we should talk. We only accept assignments where we feel we can help the client create significant, meaningful impact with world-class implications. Since 1995, 100% of our work has come strictly through referral. Our satisfied customers come back and they also share their experiences with others. This site exists for those individuals who have already been swayed by a personal referral and are seeking to learn a little bit more about us before actually making contact. This site is not meant to generate new business from Internet searches.

We do not seek to manage your brand. We help you learn to better manage your own brand. We are available to provide counsel on an "as needed" basis, periodically.