Challenge coins are an honored military tradition used to recognize service in a specific unit, commitment to cause and as an expression of camaraderie. Challenge coins are also presented to members of distinguished groups within branches of government such as the U.S. Department of State and public service such as police, fire and EMT departments. As the tradition goes, to confirm ones claim of membership in an elite body, when in each other’s company, coin holders must produce the coin or be prepared to buy a round of beverages. We believe there is no greater service than parenthood!

This challenge coin is 1.75 inches in diameter and deliberately weighty (1.4 oz.) as a reminder of the presence and influence you and your child have in one another’s life. The design is symbolic. The circle is a sign of unity. The rope edging suggests the intertwined relationship of father and child. The Celtic weave is an ancient symbol of fatherhood pointing inward as the central family figure. The eagle is strength, his arrows offer protection, the olive branch represents peace and provider. The text on both sides represents the behaviors and example that every great dad exhibits.