Here is a partial list of companies and organizations with whom we have been honored to work:

Here’s What People Are Saying...

“Jim helped us to really identify and understand the elements of our culture and values that make us unique and forced us to get beyond “buzz words” and common traits that every company claims, to uncover those things that are genuine to us. Then he helped us put those into a language that would resonate with our clients and potential clients and helped us to understand how to translate our branding strategy into everything that we do as a company – from marketing all the way down to how our receptionist answers the phone – how to ‘live the brand.’ The marketplace’s reaction to our genuine brand has been tremendous and we even have competitors asking us how we did it.”

-                                      - David King, President | Alexander Haas

“Jim sees two kinds of problems — those he can solve and those that don’t matter.”

                                       - Dan Greenberger, Chief Innovation Officer | GPS Creative

“Jim Paglia was a wonderful catalyst for drawing out ideas from a large group of administrators, faculty, staff and students. He helped us to refine ideas into a usable product in a time pressure situation.”                                                                   -                                          

                              - Camille Mouton, Vice President of Advancement | Lamar University

“Just as the name states, Jim Paglia swoops in and inspires discussion and reflection about the mission and vision of your company. He works his magic and is out. Leaving you to live your brand every day in every way. From time to time, when we've felt the need, we bring him back and he helps us build on our success.

                                       - Cindy Shogan, Executive Director | Alaska Wilderness League

“Our relationship with Jim assures clarity in every decision we make. No matter what aspect of our company or business we wish to see evolve, the time we spend with Jim proves invaluable. We now appreciate that who we are and what we stand for, is central to every decision we make about our business.”                                                                                                                           

                                       - Mr. Chris Price, President | XARA