Diet Coke™, Just Because I Can't.

I admit it, I don't drink soda very often but on the rare occasions when I do, I prefer the full-bodied flavor of real Coke™. I just don't care for the taste of Diet Coke™ products. I care just as little for its current ad campaign. 

Admittedly, I am not the target audience for these ads or the product. When a male main character, who is young and gushing attitude expresses (sarcastically, I believe) how much he enjoys getting a haircut and then waiting for people to comment on it, this old bald guy is clearly not the person to whom he is talking. A similar ad featuring a bouncy female character demonstrates a similarly flippant attitude about choices people make and concludes she drinks the stuff "because she can."

Some people believe the product taste profile is the way it is to remind people they are sacrificing to lose weight or keep their figure in shape. I can't buy into the "No gain without pain," "We suffer to find our success," or the "Screw the world, I do what I want attitude." Even with your spiffy new packaging, four new flavors and lots of baffling attitude, I can't bring myself to try again a product I have always found to be bitter and flavorless. No, thank you, Diet Coke, just because I can't.